Lisa Nichols is a tapping fairy godmother for your business. I was struggling financially after a tough winter emotionally and after just 1 tapping session, I booked $24,000 into my business the next week. I now invite Lisa to come into all my groups to share her tapping magic with all my clients. If you are struggling anywhere in your business, I highly recommend you book a session with Lisa immediately. Her ability to bust through any obstacle you have in your path will blow your mind. It did mine!!

Avalon S.

I’ve been a coach/consultant without a niche.  My purpose / passion is to make a difference in the lives of others.  My struggle has been how to do that (oh, the tyranny of how).  Enter Lisa Nichols.  As Lisa and I worked together, she helped me discover and work through several internal blocks around niching and serving.  We explored possibilities, and Lisa helped guide me in using my intuition and developing self-trust.  The greatest value, though, was how Lisa worked with me.  She patiently pushed me to find my answers.  She delicately balanced logic and feeling.  She discerningly chose the best tools and approach that facilitated a great breakthrough.  One of the tools Lisa utilizes is EFT tapping.  I’ve not had much past success with tapping; Lisa changed that.  I would utilize tapping in the future, and I would gladly attend Lisa’s workshops.  I look forward to future work with Lisa – and I highly recommend you work with her too!

Kim G.

Lisa helped me with some very specific decision-making that I was stuck with. She helped me to move forward with that as well as other issues that came up. I would definitely recommend working with Lisa. She is straightforward, gets to the point, and doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations. At the same time, she always comes from a place of compassion and caring.

Keith M.

I had been struggling with getting clients for my marriage coaching business for a while before I worked with Lisa. I felt emotionally drained after our session. And then I had a clarity call the next morning with a potential client, and she signed up to work with me for 6 months! For the first time in a long time, I really felt like I was able to fully be there for her and not have any concern over making a sale. I am so grateful to have experienced that breakdown and turn it into a breakthrough!

Michelle P.

I was very impressed with how powerful my session with Lisa was. I was struggling with an upsetting issue leading up to my appointment. I went in with no expectations but I left with a sense of contentment that has stayed with me. The re-imprinting was very powerful for me. I was able to pinpoint moments of pain/confusion from my past and transform those into a sense of security and confidence. I now have the freedom to move on from those memories. 

Rebecca R.

I really enjoyed working with you and felt so comfortable and connected. You are very talented at what you do. Again, thank you for your guidance in letting go of some things that I no longer need… and replacing them with some pretty amazing new things! 

Jill F.

I thought that tapping was for others – that I didn’t have significant issues to deal with.  But I found that the process took me into memories that have had negative impact on my sense of self-esteem. This started a healing that I hadn’t known that I needed. Now I get it and have recommended it to others.

Suzanne P.

Thank you for the EFT session. It had a tremendous healing effect on me. I am still feeling the change in my emotional body. You have truly found your calling.

Alexandra D.

It was my pleasure to have recently had two successful tapping sessions with Lisa. She showed compassion and empathy as she held my hand and taught me how to use tapping techniques. Lisa’s patience and integrity were refreshing. I felt assured that this was a safe environment to share intimate information. I highly recommend Lisa as a fantastic practitioner.

Katherine P.

Momentum Coach.

EFT Practitioner.

Sounding Board.