Almost 27 years ago, I went through labor on Labor Day.

My son was born 20 minutes after I got to the hospital, too fast for me to have an epidural to blunt the pain.

It was a forewarning about this kid! Oh my gosh the stuff he put us through, especially as a teenager. We went through many dark, painful years. And yet…I can honestly say that I’m grateful.

I often say that my three biggest teachers have been:

  • being a parent
  • being in relationship, and
  • owning a business.

They all, in their own way, brought to light my worst beliefs about myself and my most self-defeating thoughts. They showed me where I twisted myself into knots because of things I believed that weren’t true (I just decided they were).

They all helped me release the pain of self-inflicted patterns and become more resilient and full of peace. ☮️✌️

If being in business is triggering you, you’re doing it right. I honestly believe it’s supposed to. It’s part of your journey, and if you were called to start a business, you’re ready to address everything that’s coming up.

What does business have to do with it?

Your business is helping your identify wounds to be healed. It’s showing you where you’re out of alignment with your inner truth.

You’ll know when something is being pointed to when you:

  • Struggle to decide on a niche
  • Are still trying to figure out your messaging
  • Hate being on camera
  • Procrastinate making that call or posting that post
  • Price your products or services too low

As you address your limiting beliefs, critical thoughts, and triggered emotions, you’ll become a better business owner and leader. And your business results will reflect it.

As always, I’m available to help you tap away the beliefs and thought patterns that are hamstringing your business success.

FYI – in case you’re in the midst of raising teens, I wrote two books for parents in which I share my journey with my son and show how parents can strengthen their relationship with their teens. Most readers are drawn to the book Crazy Little Thing Called Teens, but I believe the second book is my best one and is relevant whether you have a difficult teen or not.